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What are the creatures of handheld terminals and its lcd display?

December 14, 2022

Latest company case about What are the creatures of handheld terminals and its lcd display?

Nowadays, the use of handheld terminals to scan codes is very frequent, and the effect it can bring is also obvious. However, because of its high professionalism, it has also attracted the attention of the public. They want to know the industries that are suitable for use after use. And what are the effects that can be brought after application?

First, it is stable in use.

The main function of using the inventory machine nowadays is to collect, process, and upload data to the terminal, and there is also a dedicated battery for power supply, so that long-term mobile work can be guaranteed. The scanning data of the inventory machine is much more convenient, and the internal storage Tools that can store data in a timely and effective manner to ensure timely and effective storage.

Second, it is widely used.

Inventory technology can be applied to many devices, and the effect is extremely stable. Nowadays, it is very common to use inventory machines, which can scan and store data, and can also be used in supermarkets, shopping malls, drugstores, bookstores and other places , asset inventory and data collection can be easily completed.

Which industries are handhelds suitable for?
①Retail store: It can be applied in order management, receipt confirmation, return, commodity inventory, personnel management and other links. It not only reduces the waiting time of customers, but also improves customer satisfaction. It also reduces store management costs and improves work efficiency.

②Medical and health care: It can be applied to scenarios such as mobile nurse stations, mobile infusions, mobile doctor rounds, surgical anesthesia systems, consumables management, decoction centers, and medical waste management. Improve the work efficiency of medical staff and the quality of patient care, reduce medical errors, and help the construction of smart medical information.

③Manufacturing: It can be applied to the information collection and traceability of the production line to realize the traceability and controllability of the production process, improve product quality, and provide a complete data basis for traceability.

④Logistics express: It can be applied to scenarios such as storage operations, shelf management, storage operations, inventory operations, cargo distribution, and fleet management. Realize the information management of each business link, standardize the business process, and improve the efficiency of express delivery. At the same time, the handheld device can check the problem delivery in time, respond quickly and deal with it in time, and help improve customer service.

Normally handheld device use 4.3-7.0inch lcd display, such 4.3in, 5.0in, 5.7in and 7in tft lcd display. Resolution is like 800*480, 1024*600, 1920*1200 high definition. For many

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