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Some essential differences among lcd vendors

February 20, 2023

Latest company news about Some essential differences among lcd vendors

Here's some essential differences between TSD and other lcd vendors.



As lcd manufacturer since 2004, TSD maintain high and strict requirements for production workshop. You could simply refer to such details:



1. We strictly keep stable temperature and humidity environment of the entire workshop.


The workshop air conditioner is set to 22℃. We strictly maintain standard humidity of 45%~50%, normally 47.5%. We have automatic humidity pipelines. When it reaches 50%, the automatic spraying will stop. There are sensors probes to detect each erea of the workshop.

Workshop is automatically controlled, while warehouse is controlled manually. If it gets too wet, the door is opened. If it is too dry, reduce the temperature of the air conditioner. There is no humidifier in the warehouse, because it will affect the life time of the raw materials, so it is generally done manually. And we use pure water, not tap water, because the tap water will accumulate moss after a long time.

If the humidity exceeds the standard (too wet), there will be fog, this is not good for the bonding process. Corrosion and poor bonding might be occured. If the humidity is too low (too dry), it will increase static electricity (ESD)



2. Static electricity protection: Plasma fans are added to each workshop equipment to reduce the damage to products caused by static electricity. The fatal point of the display is the damage of IC and static electricity. So we try to minimize damage to the product from static electricity as much as possible. The anti-static capacity of IC is 2KV. If we don't make any electrostatic protection, when the customer receives the product, the anti-static capacity of IC might has reached 1.8KV. When open the package, the static electricity may exceed to 2KV. It will damage the IC, resulting in white screen and no display content etc.



3. #FFU (fan filter unit: air filter, high-efficiency filter): TSD continuously filter dust and air circulation through FFU, making the whole environment cleaner. There are return air walls on both sides in our workshop, which are connected to the pipes of the FFU to form a continuous air return. The FFU presses the particles and impurities in the air to the floor through high pressure, and the floor is continuously filtered through the return air holes in the wall.

FFU will be turned on before production, and FFU quantity determines the workshop cleanliness. If the FFU is all over the workshop, the workshop can reach 100 grade dust-free. At present, TSD is 1000 grade dust-free, internal clean shed before entering the workshop is 100 grade. Many factories have FFU, but it just use a pillar. The air return capacity of the column is not so strong because the space is too small. For 1000 grade dust free workshop, it must have a return air wall. For professional customers, they care whether workshop has return air wall, not just workshop is beautiful or not.

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4. Existing equipment: water drop angle tester, tensile tester, differential interferometer.



5. There is High Temp Aging Test Room and Vehicle Product Aging Test Room. Test of automotive and military display can be up to 90 degrees, but normally we would do 100% of the aging test at 70°C for 2 hours. It will not go to 90 degrees because if the temperature is too high, the life time of the display might be decreased, and the material would be damaged.


Some lcd vendor may use industrial-grade raw material to make vehicle lcd, and use consumer-grade to make industrial lcd, so unit price is relatively low. But when customers do the high-and-low temperature testing of industrial lcd, they will find that it can only reach 60℃, this never happen in TSD, our industrial display can reach 70℃.


Anyway, TSD keep strict production environment to provide the best quality for the market. Our goal is to make each lcd stable use at each client side.


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