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TFT Backlight

May 4, 2023

Latest company news about TFT Backlight

FOG + backlight makes a complete TFT display, without backlight we could not see graphic clearly from the FOG. For a complete backlight, it consists of LEDs, lighting-guide plate, diffusion film and brightness enhancement film(BEF).


Lighting-guide plate is to guide the led light to spread averagely, and then spread to the diffusion film. The latest dot processing technology could increase brightness by 10%


Diffusion film is to widen light angle. Normal thickness is 0.05mm, the thinnest could reach 0.035mm. It is easily cause wrinkle.


BEF is to control the light angle, to make light clearly go into people eyes. Normally it is 0.065-0.115mm thickness. BEFRP brightness=BEF brightnessx0.73

Also there is LEDs, it is related to the backlight consumption, voltage and current etc. Normally the more LEDs, the brighter it is. The higher consumption, the brighter it is.

If customers' application is automotive, e-mobility or outdoor display, we need to specially consider backlight's raw material operating and storage temperature.

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