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TSD - HDMI design for all series TFT display

May 6, 2022

Latest company news about TSD - HDMI design for all series TFT display

TSD - HDMI design for all series TFT display


Team Source Display is professional LCD display manufacturer since 2004, we’ve been specialized in LCD industry for more than 18 years, TSD's business scope covers LCD/LCM Module development, single-chip production and materials processing. Our TFT LCD display range from 0.96 inch to 21.5 inch, also manufacturing all kinds of standard and customized Monochrome LCD and Touch screen. In a span of more than 18 years, we have developed thousands of LCD and LCM products for Industrial, home appliance, consumer electronics, communication, medical equipment, automotive and many other applications.


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Recently we have developed HDMI design for all series TFT LCD display. HDMI means High Definition Multimedia Interface, it is a fully digital video and audio transmission interface that can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals. HDMI can be used in set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, video games, integrated amplifiers, digital audio and TV sets. HDMI can send audio and video signals at the same time. Since the audio and video signals use the same wire, the installation difficulty of the system line is greatly simplified. HDMI Display Port was developed for liquid crystal displays at the beginning, using the "Micro-Packet Architecture" transmission architecture, and the video content is transmitted in data packets, which is obviously different from video transmission technologies such as DVI and HDMI. That is to say, the emergence of HDMI replaced analog signal video, and the emergence of Display Port replaced DVI and VGA interfaces.


Currently we have 4.3 inch, 7 inch and 10.1 inch display with HDMI design, and we could also make the customization of all series of TFT LCD display basing on your requirements. Without touch screen and with touch screen options are available. Interface for LCM is HDMI, for touch screen is USB, customer could connect with it directly and test it easily. The HDMI output is always enabled when an HDMI cable is connected. The USB interface serves as video output, to control the touch screen and optional power supply connection.

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If you have any interests on this HDMI solution, please contact Team Source Display freely. TSD is the professional lcd display manufacturer in China. We have been producing TFT LCD displays, touch screen and Monochrome LCD for over 18 years, we could provide one-stop LCD touch display solution, and have many customers worldwide to which we regularly deliver displays. OEM&ODM service are always welcome.


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