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TSD Pro UART LCD display solution is coming now!

September 15, 2022

Latest company news about TSD Pro UART LCD display solution is coming now!

Development purpose of UART


Beacuse the market demand for serial screen is increasing day by day. In order to reduce the difficulty of designing UI on the client side and shorten the development cycle of terminal products. For industrial control digital screens, if you want to design a good UI, you need high-end chips to drive them. At present, there is a shortage of chips in the world, and it is hard to find them! The serial port screen can make up for this vacancy very well. The client only needs a low-end microprocessor (commonly known as single-chip microcomputer) and cooperates with the host computer software to easily design its own UI.



What is UART?


A set of display solutions with a microcontroller or PLC with a controller. The communication part of the display scheme adopts serial communication (UART serial port or SPI serial port, etc.). It consists of three parts: display driver board, shell (optional), and liquid crystal display (with touch screen). The serial port screen receives the instructions sent from the serial port of the user's single-chip microcomputer, and completes all the operations of drawing on the LCD. At the same time, the user's touch operation on the display screen is sent to the user through the serial port.


It can be simply understood as: display module assembly + serial port, which is convenient for users to carry out secondary development of target products, and its value lies in the fact that serial port screen manufacturers encapsulate all the underlying functions of display and touch for users, and abstract a series of general UI. Controls and corresponding event programming logic can shorten the development cycle of user products.


The conventional screen (bare screen) on the market does not have software, and the target user needs to complete the connection from hardware wiring to software protocol (IIC protocol, SPI protocol, 8080 parallel port protocol, RGB interface protocol, etc.), underlying drivers (involving The driver IC of the display screen mainly includes a series of operations such as the initialization code of the screen, writing the register, setting the window, drawing points, drawing lines, etc.) and the realization of the UI interface function. If you are not familiar with the bare screen, the development is a series of operations. challenging.



What’s the function of TSD Pro UART solution?


1. Standard UART communication interface, baud rate 115200 bps.

2. USB2.0 interface update UI, fast and convenient.

3. PC-side host computer software, graphically designed UI, efficient and fast.

4. Support about 70 serial port commands, such as displaying pictures, progress bar, touch bar control, button control, text display, virtual touch, drawing graphics and other functions.



What’s the advantage of TSD Pro UART design:


1. Standard UART interface, PC software design UI,
2. Simple and fast realization of HMI human-computer interaction,
3. Compatible with resistive touch screen or capacitive touch screen


Team Source Display is a professional LCD display manufacturer, and we’ve developed full series standard LCD design from 2.4" to 7", support high resolution up to 1280x1024. Resistive touch screen & Capacitive touch screen available to add. Customization design are warmly welcome .


If you have any further interests, and would like to have more detail information about our UART LCD display solution, please contact us right now, we’re very happy to help and support your side.


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