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Wide temperature LCD display for automotive industry

July 14, 2022

Latest company news about Wide temperature LCD display for automotive industry

Many customers may have some question that what is automotive grade display and what is the standard of automotive grade display? Today, TSD will show you more details of automotive grade displays.


There are two types of automotive displays: one is a TV placed on the bus to watch, which is essentially an automotive TV, and the another is a small-sized automotive display such as 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch, 7 inch and 9 inch. Small-size automotive displays generally have two video inputs, one can be connected to car DVD, the other can be connected to reversing camera, and some also have MP5 video playback and Bluetooth functions, which is very convenient to use while driving. From the application level, the automotive display can be divided into central control screen, instrument screen, streaming media rearview mirror, HUD head-up display and rear entertainment display.


At present, LCD display is very popular or automotive display market. It is because the LCD display is relatively small and easy to install. It can be installed near the instrument panel, on the roof, behind the seat back, or even on the sun visor, which is very convenient in various situations.


Automotive display must be dust-resistant and shock-resistant. In addition, automotive display also has high requirements for temperature. This is because the liquid crystal in the LCD display will freeze in a low temperature environment, resulting in the failure to display the picture normally, or the display ability is completely destroyed, so it must be able to withstand -30℃~+85℃, or even -30℃ ~+120℃ high and low temperature.


As for automotive industry, TSD is very professional. TSD has IATF16949 certificate, that means we are qualified to produce displays for automotive industry. And we have cooperation with German Benz, South Korea's Chevy, China's Chery and Ford.


Below are TSD's some standard wide temperature displays for automotive industry:



Resolution Interface





Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


4.3 480x272 RGB 900 IPS -30~+80 -30~+85
5 800x480 RGB 500 IPS -30~+80 -30~+85
7 800x480 RGB 500 IPS -30~+85 -30~+85
7 800x480 LVDS 500 IPS -30~+85 -40~+90
7 1280x768 LVDS 1000 IPS -40~+85 -40~+90
8 1280x720 LVDS 1200 IPS -30~+85  -40~+85
8.88 1280x480 LVDS 400 IPS -30~+80 -30~+85
9 1280Xx720 LVDS 800 IPS -35~+85 -40~+90
9 1024x600 LVDS 600 IPS -30~+80 -30~+85
9 1920x384 LVDS 3000 IPS -30~+80 -30~+85
10.3 1920x720 LVDS 900 IPS -40~+85 -40~+90
10.4 1024x768 LVDS 900 IPS -30~+80  -30~+85
12.1 1280x800 LVDS 1000 IPS -30~+80  -30~+85
12.3 1920x720 LVDS 1200 IPS  -30~+85 -40~+95
15 1024x768 LVDS 800 IPS -30~+80 -30~+85
15.6 1920x1080 LVDS 450 IPS -30~+85 -40~+95
Those displays all are wide operating temperature could used for automotive products, and we also support customize different interface, brightness or add touch panel and HDMI board. If you have any other question or want to know more information, pls feel free to contact us, we are glad to send you corresbonding datasheets and drawings.
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