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Wow, integrated color display!

August 4, 2022

Latest company news about Wow, integrated color display!

In the fields of smart home and automotive industry, product designers usually have certain requirements on the surface color of the displays in order to make their products more beautiful and fashionable. For example, let the color of the displays be the same as the color of the shell of the final product, so as to create an integrated effect with the shell of the displays and the end product. Integrated black panel is more popular in the smart home and automotive industries.

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Integrated color display means that the color of the displays is the same as the color of the product shell when the display screen is not lit. If the display is not lit, the existence of the display screen cannot even be found. The realization of an integrated color display has a great relationship with the components of the display and the process methods such as TFT display, polarizer, lamination method, lamination glue, frame ink, coating, etc., and requires various factors perfect match. So, what are the ways to achieve an integrated color display?


Silk printing: After the cover glass is CNC, strengthened, silk-screened/evaporated frame, and then do a layer of IR ink semi-transparent printing on the active area of the cover glass. An integrated color effect is achieved by adjusting the ink color and transmittance. However, the following points need to be paid attention to when using the semi-transparent printing method:

(1) The selection of semi-transparent ink should be the same color as the shell, and the color should be close. Too dark or too light will cause chromatic aberration.

(2) Control of transmittance: The transmittance varies from 1% to 50% according to the brightness and using environment of the LED lamp, the two most commonly used are 15±5% and 20±5%.


2. Coating: Through magnetron sputtering and optical principles, a layer of inorganic film is directly coated on the glass cover to adjust the reflection, transmission and color difference of the active area of the film layer, so that the color of the display’s active area and the silk screen frame are consistent. The transmittance can reach 80%, and the reflectivity is less than 2%.


3. Using semi-transparent material (plastic or glass) directly can achieve a good integrated color visual effect and make the surface of the cover lens consistent in permeability.

(1) Integrated color processing of plastic materials, usually adding toner to the resin material, and realizing the integrated color effect by adjusting the amount of toner added to the material;

(2) If the glass is used, color can be added at the time of production, or a dyeing process can be used.


These are the processes commonly used to produce integrated color displays. As a professional display manufacturer, TSD can already use different processes to cooperate with customers to achieve the integrated color effect of various colors. The following is the display that we recently adjusted according to customer needs with the integrated effect of tree grain:

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