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Production Line

TSD LCD module display, touch screen production lines, our main automation equipment configuration are as belows:


1.Full-Auto FOG bonding=3 Lines Production ability:0.96 inch -7 inch
   Full-Auto FOG bonding=1 Line Production ability:7 inch -13.3 inch
2.Semi-Auto FOG Bonding=3 Lines/ Two lines for 0.96 inch -7 inch / One line for 7 inch -15.6 inch
3.Full-Auto Assembly=2 Lines Production ability:0.96 inch -6 inch
Full-Auto Assembly= 1 Line Production ability:7 inch -10.1 inch
4.Semi-Auto Soldering Machine=3 lines Production ability: 1 inch -6 inch
5.Full-Auto OCA full Optical bonding= 4 Lines / 3 Lines for 0.96 inch -6 inch and 1 for 7 inch -15.6 inch
6.Semi-Auto CTP TAB bonding= 2 Lines Production ability:1 inch -10.1 inch
7.Semi-Auto OCA Full Optical Bonding= 3 Lines Production ability:1 inch -10.1 inch
8.Semi-Auto foil attaching machine= 1 Line Production ability:2 inch - 6 inch
9.Full-Auto Polarizer attaching machine= 2 Lines Production ability: 2 inch -6 inch




For Team Source Display's production capacity, basing on one shit per day: 


LCD Panel: 8KK / month
TFT Module: 1.5KK/month
Passive/Mono LCD Module: 600K/month
Capacitive Touch Panel: 250K/month
Optical Bonding: 600K/month
HMI Module: 100K/ month

Team Source Display factory production line 0


Team Source Display factory production line 1




  • As an LCD display manufacturer for 20 years, we have strong OEM and ODM capabilities. The following is a demonstration of our strength:
    OEM strength:
    Production capacity: We have modern production equipment and efficient production lines, which can meet the production needs of large-scale LCD screens. Our production processes and quality control processes are carefully designed to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.
    Manufacturing experience: We have extensive manufacturing experience in the field of LCD displays. We cooperate with many well-known brands and produce high-quality LCD screens as per their requirements. We are familiar with the needs and standards of different industries and are able to provide customized solutions.
    R&D capabilities: We have a professional R&D team dedicated to the innovation and improvement of LCD display technology. We pay close attention to the latest trends and technological developments in the industry, and continuously launch competitive new products and solutions.
    ODM strength:
    Design capabilities: We have a creative and experienced design team capable of providing comprehensive product design services. We can develop unique LCD display products for customers based on their needs and market trends, including appearance design, function customization, etc.
    Engineering support: We provide a full range of engineering support, including circuit design, software development, prototype production, etc. Our engineering team has extensive technical knowledge and experience to ensure the feasibility and reliability of product designs.
    Process management: We have a complete project management and quality management system to ensure the smooth progress of ODM projects and the controllability of product quality. We focus on communication and cooperation with our clients to ensure projects are delivered on time and meet client expectations.
    Team Source Display factory production line 0


Our R&D team consists of 17 people, covering software and hardware professionals, which enables our team to conduct a full range of R&D efforts in the area of ​​LCD displays.



1. We have 12 people dedicated to the research and development of color TFT LCD and touch screens. With extensive experience and expertise in designing and developing high-quality color and touch screen solutions, which able to provide customized solutions according to customer needs.

  • 2. We also have 5 people responsible for the research and development of HMI solutions. They have deep professional knowledge and experience and are able to provide customers with innovative HMI solutions to meet the needs of different industries and applications. 

    3. Team Source Display focus on technological innovation and improvement, and continues to conduct research and development work in the field of LCD displays. We actively participate in industry conferences, seminars and exhibitions, communicate and cooperate with other professionals, and continuously improve their technical level and innovation capabilities.


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