Production Line

TSD LCD module display,lcd touch screen production line:

1.Full-Auto FOG bonding=3 Lines Production ability:0.96-7 inch
Full-Auto FOG bonding=1 Line Production ability:7-13.3 inch
2.Semi-Auto FOG Bonding=3 Lines/ Two lines for 0.96-7 inch / One line for 7-15.6 inch
3.Full-Auto Assembly=2 Lines Production ability:0.96-6 inch
Full-Auto Assembly= 1 Line Production ability:7-10.1 inch
4.Semi-Auto Soldering Machine=3 lines Production ability: 1-6 inch
5.Full-Auto OCA full Optical bonding= 4Lines / 3 lines for 0.96-6 inch and 1 for 7-15.6 inch
6.Semi-Auto CTP TAB bonding= 2 Lines Production ability:1-10.1 inch
7.Semi-Auto OCA Full Optical Bonding= 3Lines Production ability:1-10.1 inch
8.Semi-Auto foil attaching machine= 1Line Production ability:2-6 inch
9.Full-Auto Polarizer attaching machine= 2Lines Production ability:2-6 inch

TSD lcd modules production line

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