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About TSDHD smart modules

April 24, 2024

Latest company news about About TSDHD smart modules

We are glad to share that TSD is STMicroelectronics’s global partner now!


With the cooperation with STMicroelectronics, TSD has developed some smart modules based on the STM32 microcontroller series.


The STM32 microcontrollers are known for their low power consumption, high-performance processing capabilities, rich peripheral set, and extensive development ecosystem. They come in different series, targeting different application requirements. They are popular in many industries such as consumer electronics, industrial automation, automotive, and IoT (Internet of Things), where their versatility and flexibility make them suitable for a wide range of applications.


For now, TSD has launched some standard smart modules of 2.4 inch, 3.99 inch, 4.3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, and 10.1 inch, those smart modules also can be customized according to the customer’s different needs. And we also launched a smart knob display based on STM32G070CBT6 main controller.


Below are some characteristics of TSDHD smart modules.

*UI design & hardware and software development

*Equipped with different STM32 main controller

*Support LINUX & RTOS system

*Excellent screen refresh rate

*Dynamic display effects

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The STM32 microcontrollers are programmed using various development tools and software frameworks, including the STM32Cube software platform, which provides a comprehensive set of libraries, middleware, and code examples to facilitate application development.


For TSDHD smart module solutions, we can open the software to the customers’ side for secondary development, the customer can complete the development on the STM32 platform very easily and quickly. In this way, the customer can reduce many work on the engineering part, which can save much developing time and costs.



If you are interested in our smart module solutions, pls feel free to contact us for more information.

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